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YAMAHA INVERTER GENERATORS - The Ideal Camping Companion 23/3/2012

If you are planning a camping trip or heading off across country in your motorhome. you can't look past the Yamaha Inverter Generators to guarantee a comfortable time away. 

The power that the Yamaha inverter generators produces is clean power, making this generator ideal for running the electronic equipment you wouldn’t normally take on a camping trip. These generators will have no trouble running laptop computers, microwaves, air conditioners and televisions just to name a few. Ranging from a 1kVA to a 6.3kVA these petrol generators all have a compact design with the 1, 2 and 2.4 kVA’s all weighing less than 32kg’s making them the ideal generators for your camping trip or to run the appliances in your RV.  

Some of the features of the Yamaha inverter generators include Electronic Circuit Breaker, 4 Stroke OHV engine, Oil waring system, Fuel Gauge and DC output Capability. One of the features that make these inverter generators so good for camping and recreational use is the sound reduction Noise Block™ system that reduces the noise level of the generators.  This enables the generators to be so quiet you won’t have to worry about disturbing your neighbouring campers.

With the EF2000iS and the EF2400iS you have to option of connecting two of the same units together to produce almost double the power output. This comes in handy when you need that extra amount of power but may not have the space for a larger generator.

To see Pat Callinans product demonstration of the EF2000iS go to the Gentech home page and click on the You Tube link.


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