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Gentech Generators are happy to introduce 3 new products which are now all available for order.

The new products include two new diesel generators using  Yanmar and Kohler engines, and a new 2.5kVA Honda powered generator.

The EP2500HSR is a 2.5kVA Honda powered generator that is a great for the average tradesman. Due to the light weight it is easy for transportation and the less than 6% harmonic distortion makes it ideal for running small power tools and electrical equipment.

Gentech are happy to expand our range of engine brands to include Yanmar and Kohler. Both are diesel powered units coupled to the Italian made NSM generator to produce outputs of 6.5kVA (Kohler) and 6.8kVA (Yanmar). These 2 new generators will deliver power and durability unmatched by petrol engines.

All individual spec sheets are available for viewing on the website.

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