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Fight or Flight with a Gentech Fire Pump 23/12/2009

Victoria is an extremely fire prone area of Australia, as is WA, QLD and NSW. In fact, this year the anticipated fire danger posses such a great level of threat that a new Fire Danger Rating Barometer was created to alert you to danger so you can take action quickly.

Fire Danger Ratings are now a regular feature of weather forecasts and multi-media alerts. Code Red, indicating a catastrophic fire danger, has already been announced several times this year and we have not even reached our hottest summer months yet!

In the heat of a fire disaster you have two options to fight or flight, with the latter being the recommended option across the board. But whichever option you choose, you will still need to defend yourself in the case your plan does not eventuate. And as we all know when it comes to the crunch, things don’t always go as planned and those that still survive are the ones who prepared for the unexpected.

With this in mind, Gentech has designed a diesel powered fire fighting pump to complement its existing petrol powered range. Gentech’s diesel powered Honda fire fighting pump has been designed especially for bushfire conditions.  Diesel is safer to refuel in a fire emergency as diesel vapour is less flammable than petrol because it can withstand extremely high temperatures. Diesel engines are also known for their extended life expectancy and fuel economy.

The Gentech diesel powered fire pump is available with 3” suction and three discharge outlets consisting of 1.5” (x2) and 2.5” (x1). This pump will handle heads up to 72 metres and flows up to 750 L/min.  Put a Honda powered Gentech diesel fire pump to work and you’ll get a high performance pump combined with an economical and reliable engine that will last.

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Recommended Action
CODE RED (Catastrophic): If you live in a bushfire prone area the safest option is to leave the night before or early in the morning ...And prepare yourself with a reliable fire pump like a diesel powered pump from Gentech.
EXTREME:The safest option is to leave early in the day if you live in a bushfire prone area and your Bushfire Survival Plan is to leave. Only stay if your home is well prepared, well constructed and you can actively defend it.
SEVERE:The safest option is to leave early in the day if you live in a bushfire prone area and your Bushfire Survival Plan is to leave. Only stay if your home is well prepared and you can actively defend it.
VERY HIGH:If you live in a bushfire prone area and your Bushfire Survival Plan is to leave, the safest option is to leave at the beginning of the day.
HIGH:Check your Bushfire Survival Plan
LOW –MODERATE:Check your Bushfire Survival Plan

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Jasmine Delmenico (Marketing Executive) Ph: 03 9316 9700 or Send Email

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