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Are you Fire Ready? 27/10/2009

Order your Gentech Fire Fighting Pump today. Don’t wait until a bushfire occurs and stock is limited because everyone is buying one at the last minute.  Get in early, order your Gentech Fire Fighting Pump now and know that you, your family and property will be prepared for the worst.

Gentech offers you reliable Fire Fighting Pumps that are powered by your choice of Honda or Yamaha engines, both of which feature 1.5” inlet and outlet to enable you to move a large amount of water quickly during an emergency situation.

Built especially for Australian bushfire conditions, our Gentech Fire Fighting Pumps weigh from as little as 23 kg, and can handle heads up to 74.5m and flows up to 390L/min.

Each Gentech Fire Fighting Pump also comes fully equipped with a sturdy carry handle for extra portability, making it a must-have for every rural property in close proximity to bushland.

Order your Gentech Fire Pump today and be prepared for what is expected to be “scorcher” of a summer!

For more information please contact:
Jasmine Delmenico (Marketing Executive) Ph: 03 9316 9700 or Send Email

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